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Card for the Trash Lady [posted on 12-24-05 at 9 am]

I heard from Thera that she gave the trash lady a card, and she smiled at her, and hugged her. The card was something along the lines of "we appreciate all that you do for our school, happy holidays"

I smiled when I heard that.
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Assignment Notebook [posted on 8-27-05 at 9 pm]

Hey everyone, I'm back!

I hit Staples today for school supplies, and I was looking for a cool assignment notebook, when I found... GASP...the coolest on ever! It had interchangeable t-shirt cut-outs. The one that happened to be in front said something like "Lunch Ladies are Cool". I'm not sure about the exact wording, but that was the general idea. I immediately thought "Moosar!"
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Would that be odd? [posted on 6-26-05 at 2 pm]

It makes me sad to think we'll be without the Trash Lady for one whole summer. Do you think I can invite her to my house for ice cream next week? xD
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[posted on 6-25-05 at 8 pm]

On Friday when I was leaving the third floor from my English exam I accidentally ran into her while I was going down the stairs and I said excuse me and she smiled and I thought "Awww..." :)
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Boxy Goodness [posted on 6-20-05 at 9 pm]

In the absence of trash lady icons, Mister Lunchbox will have to do. For now.

And, for Julia, her preferred spelling:
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Tragedy! [posted on 6-18-05 at 3 pm]

The new layout's done. Let's all celebrate. Convenient "post" button in the sidebar.

But, there is bad news that just occurred to me! We only have 2 or 3 lunches left. After that, we will not see our beloved Trash Lady all summer. :(
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Icons [posted on 6-17-05 at 6 pm]

We should plot ways to get a picture of her at lunchtime without her noticing. Then we could all have trash lady icons.
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[posted on 6-16-05 at 9 pm]

Mne ochen ndravetsa ta zhenshina kotoroya saberayet moosarr!

People, you MUSTMUSTMUST momerize this phrase. When you are 70 zillion years old, you will tell your grandchildren about the legendary trash lady. You will tell her how much time and care she spends on collecting the trash, and making sure our cafeteria is not a wasteland. And then you will remember my little "MEESTER LAANCHBOX" thingy.

And then you will call me up and talk to me for hours, discussing how technology is mving way too fast, and that we old folks can't keep up with it. And then we will all go off topic to discuss Billy's latest baseball game, or Rachel's academinc awards. And then... this is going nowhere.
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