Ali (kazenomiko) wrote in moosarr,

Would that be odd?

It makes me sad to think we'll be without the Trash Lady for one whole summer. Do you think I can invite her to my house for ice cream next week? xD
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I am being serious here...
Why don't you like get her a slush between exams? Like buy it, and then give it to her!
That reminds me of the time my mom wanted to invite my fourth-grade social studies teacher (Mr. Murphy) to my house for dinner. I saw him at the liquor store once. I don't know why I thought of that.

Anyway, I agree with Julia! Do it do it.

AND... we're not gonna see HIM either. :( sadface sadface.
WHO IS HIM, I FEEL LEFT OUT(caps lock and i dotn feel like fixing it)
You mean you don't have a crush on HIM too?! Everyone has a crush on HIM! I bet you do too and you just don't know which HIM we mean. :P
Omggggggggg He is OHH! sex
HONESTLY. *dies*
Wow wow wow I want to watch that episode! NOW!
Nope... no crush here!
You DID say you liked his hair. Or eyes. Or something.
no, that was someone else.. on of his friends.